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Balsamiq plugins for Visual Studio Online (VSO)


This is a feature request

It would be great to have Balsamiq Mockups plugin for Visual Studio Online (VSO) like existing plugins for Confluence, Jira…

VSO ( supports projects using scrum, Git, CI and CD…with little or no cost for BizSpark Startups which makes it attractive for startups. Also as they don’t expect one to be using their technology (completely) but are open to other like NodeJS, Python,etc…


Thanks @sjl, we’ll take a look!


Great @peldi, thank you.



Any update on this. Our team is using VSTS and Balsamiq mockups and it would be great if we could easily integrate with our work items.



Hi @raubreysmith and thanks for checking on this one.

We’re working hard on the next major version of our tool that will be native for now but I’m adding your vote for this request. If other folks would like to see this in the future, please let us know by adding your comment or like to this post.


We use VSTS. An integration with balsamiq would make it easier to convince the boss that balsamiq is the mock up tool of choice.


Hi, +1 The development team I manage would also use Balsamiq if it was well integrated into VSTS.


I’d like to chip in as well for VSTS tie-in - especially with the new Balsamiq cloud which I’m using with a new client