Balsamiq slows down

This was happening on the original version of Balsamiq. I was hoping that Balsamiq 3 would fix it, but it hasn’t.


  • Macbook Pro 15-inch retina (OS X Yosemite 10.10.3)
  • Balsamiq v3.1.1
  • Adobe Air Player Version: MAC 11,9,900,169


  1. Open Balsamiq and start wire framing


  • The performance stays snappy no matter how long it stays open


  • The app slows down after roughly 10 minutes, almost like there’s a memory leak or something.


  • Close Balsamiq and reopen it. This is fine, but having to do this every 10 minutes is really a BUMMER

Hmm…that does sound liek a memory leak or something…I’m not seeing it and I have very similar specs…I wonder if it’s something about your projects…do you have a lot of assets or symbols, or a lot of mockups? Do you notice it more on some projects vs others?

We’ll keep digging on our end in the meantime!

I have about 33 assets and 6 symbols, and only 2 mockups in this particular project. The other thing I do, not sure if it’s unique, is a lot of nested grouping.

If necessary, I can send you my project to see if you can reproduce. To be fair, it may be more like 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes. Time flies when you’re wire framing :wink:

That’d be great, yes! Please email it to, we’ll keep it confidential of course.