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Balsamiq Symbols - across projects?

Hello Friends,

I would like to have common elements (such as a header & footer) shared across multiple project files. Essentially - a simple MasterPage. Changing the header in the MasterPage would effect all mockups in all projects.

I’m familiar with Symbols, but these seem to be particular to a project file. Importing/exporting is not an option for me.

How can I accomplish this? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @Doug and thanks for sharing your need today!

You’re right, Symbols are designed to be used within a single project and we don’t have an easy way to share those between different projects at the moment but I’m adding your vote for this feature request.

As a workaround, we suggest building a “template project” and start off your new projects based on this one, as detailed here.

We’ll be here if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response.

It’s not the initial setup that is the issue. Without using Templates, I could carve out a “Masterpage project” and simply copy each time I need it. I’m on a project with very rapidly evolving requirements and I need to be able to respond to these rapidly by turning around changes quickly.

I think it would beneficial for many if Balsamiq supported the notion of a MasterPage. No charge. = 8 )

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I just had a fantastic dream. The symbols where physical files that lived in a folder. Which folder could be a network share - as defined in a settings file. Each time the project was loaded, the symbols would be refreshed. Voila. I thought I might have struck on something, but I took a peak at the Balsamiq folder structure and they are not physical files from what I saw.

They used to be separate files, Doug, but we brought everything into the .bmpr in order to help make projects more manageable. That, ironically, is the problem with shared symbols - they live in the projects, so how do you sync them?

It’s a problem we are going to solve, but it will probably take a while. We will have to make changes to the .bmpr file format to do it, and we take stuff like that very seriously.

It’s coming, Doug. Now that the new desktop app is nearly done, we can start focusing on features like this. :slight_smile: