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Balsamiq taking 1366x768 when maximized on an external 1920 by 1080 monitor


Hello there.

I have a project (bmpr) I created on an older computer. When opening it on my current laptop, it behaves odd. The application window size becomes 1366 x 768 when maximized, which is the size of the laptop default panel, which I never use; instead, I use two external Full HD monitors, and expect that when I drag the application window on any of the monitors and click the “maximize” button, it will take an 1920 by 1080 size.

What seems to be the issue? How do I address this? This prevents me from getting my work done.

Thank you,


I fixed it this way: I opened Balsamiq by using the program’s shortcut (not the bmpr). This still opened my last project (rather than presenting and empty one), and still showed the issue. So I went to Project -> Close Project, and then closed Balsamiq. When I reopened it, it behaved normally. Then I opened my (troblesome?) project, via Project->Open Recent Project, and it behaved normally too. Don’t know if that is of any help, but still.

Thank you,


Thanks for following up on this, Claudius. That is a super weird bug.

The app sometimes has trouble with external monitors. Please let me know if you continue to see weirdness with this. We’d love to get it fixed.


Hei Brendan,

Actually, after following up on this, the bug manifested again, PLUS, the interface of the app itself looked “zoommed” (which I could tell from looking at the graphics inside the components ribbon at the top, which looked jagged because of the scalling. So I restarted my Windows 10 machine, and now Balsamiq looks and behaves normally. Weird einough, indeed.

Don’t know if it is relevant, I have a custom DPI factor set on my Windows 10, I believe is 110%. I know AIR isn’t particularly friendly with external monitors, nor is it with switching monitors on the fly, I am an AIR developer, and found that, the ugly way (happened to one of my apps).