Balsamiq Upgrade Resulted in Unable to Use Software

Balsamiq gave me a happy little message suggesting that I upgrade. (YAY!)

But when it did, it said that my old mac running High Sierra (10.13.6) will not run the downloaded software. (BOO!)

Where can I find an older version that will work on my system?


Hi @Jim_Parrillo

Thanks for the message. Given the (relative) age of High Sierra, we had to drop support for it a few months ago.

But, if you would like to continue using Mockups 3 for Desktop you can download the installer here: Mockups 3 installer for macOS

If you like Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop and and would like to stick with it, you can download a verison which will run on High Sierra here: Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop 4.4.6

There are a couple of issues here however… Mockups 3 is no longer supported. So, while we’ll continue to help with questions where we can, the software will not receive any more updates.

The other issue is that, if you run into an issue or bug in version 4.4.6 of Balsamiq Wireframes, the only solution will be to update to a newer version which will mean a macOS update in order to run it. Note that Apple support for High Sierra ended in 2020.

Perfect. Thanks!!

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