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Balsamiq window does not get input focus after opening file from Windows explorer



When I open a bmpr file by double-clicking in the Windows Explorer, balsamiq correctly loads the file and shows up on top of all other open windows. The window itself is not brought into focus, though. So when you use keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Win + Arrow to move the window about the display area), they go to the Explorer window in the background (which is actually not visible because balsamiq currently obscures it). The expected behavior would be to bring the new balsamiq window into focus automatically when opening the project.

I am using Version 3.3.3 on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (64 Bit).




Yep, definitely something wrong here.

I could only reproduce it when opening a 2nd project. If I open the app by double clicking on the BMPR, it captures focus fine.

Is that what you’re experiencing, Phillip? I’ll see what we can do about it! :slight_smile:


@Brendan Yes, that’s right. On opening the first project it works as expected, with the second it does not.

Thanks for looking into that! :sunglasses: