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Balsamiq Wireframes Error on Confluence Server


Hi ,

We are using Wireframes 4.0.78 on Confluence Server 6.11.1.
However while we edit existing confluence page and try to add a Wireframe, we get following error - “Oops, the page contains wireframes that need to be migrated to a new format. Please open the Balsamiq Wireframes macro and launch the migration process”.

Actually there is no existing Wireframe/Mock-up on that page. To verify that, I even cleared entire

contents of the page except title. Still the error persists.

Also noticed that this does not happen when we create new page and add Wireframe to it.

I have attached screenshot describing the error message.

Please let us know why this is happening.

Binu Varghese


Hi @binu.varghese,

I’ve just replied to you email but thought I would share it here too just to make sure:

Sorry for the confusion with this one.

It sounds like you might have a BMML file (our old file format) still attached to this Confluence page. This would happen if you used to have a Balsamiq project on this page and deleted the macro at some point.

Could you please check the Confluence page attachments?

If there is a BMML file that you don’t need to keep anymore, feel free to delete the attachment. Refreshing the Confluence page should get rid of the error.

In case there is no attachment, could you please try these steps and let us know about the result?

  1. clone the page
  2. verify there’s no attachment in the created page
  3. try to add a wireframe macro

We’ll stand by for your reply and will go from there.