Balsamiq wireframes on the Mac becomes non-responsive for upwards of 10s of seconds

When editing a project in the Mac desktop client, the editor can become unresponsive.

  • Clicking on elements stops working.
  • Switching between wireframes stops working.
  • Closing the project stops working.

Usually, waiting a short period of time sees Balsamiq catch up.

As a user I see the interface reacting to clicks I made seconds or minutes ago. (I just had the software become unusable for 2+ minutes.)

I have not found a reliable way to reproduce this.

I work with project files with many 100s of symbols. I will often have Balsamiq open for an entire day.

When the problem occurs I will often close the software and re-open it.

Hi @paulshoughton

Thanks for the post. Can you confirm you’re using the latest version of the app for macOS (4.4.8)?

Is there anyway you could share one of your project files with us? Please drop us a line at and we’ll pick this up. Thank you!

Hi @alasdair,

I am running the latest version:

This problem has been happening on and off since the first v4 of wireframes. The duration of the non-responsiveness seems to have changed.

I have recently adopted the new symbol within symbol capability, so I do have 20-30 additional symbols made up of other symbols.

Also, I notice that files take a while to load, with the last few pixels of the loading bar taking a long time.

I’ll email a project file through separately now.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi @alasdair,

Just emailed through the project and the project template.

All my sets of wireframes start from a basic template. (So the smallest project size is ~ 5MB.)

I usually have multiple projects open – often because I am bringing in updated designs that aren’t yet part of the base template.

When I experienced the problem I think I had 3-4 projects open. Sometimes I have as many as 6-8 open.