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Basic. how to label a shape?

I am using Balsamiq on confluence. Need to draw the standard software configuration of ‘browser to middle tier server to database’. So I found the nice browser icon, but didn’t find anything for server and am thinking of just using a rectangle with a label. But I find that I cannot label the rectangle… how does one do it?
Also, I cant find arrows to go between the shapes, ‘browser to middle tier server to database’.

Hey @likejudo, there are several solutions:

  1. Use Shape instead of Rectangle. Shape has text label
  2. Paste a server image into your mockup
  3. Add Label control to your Rectangle and group these

Thank you for your reply.
I inserted a shape but cannot find where the label contained in it is.
Also when I add any kind of label, Balsamiq does not allow me to edit the text.

I did an internet search and found one must double-click.
It is not obvious.

Why doesn’t the Balsamiq team make it a menu option? After all, this is an indicator of Usability :wink:

To edit a text in any control, which allows to do it, you can either double click, or press Enter.
Please feel free to ask if you need a help.

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