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Behaviour of PDF


When outputting from OSX the PDF default display settings are: display with bookmarks.

It would be great having a checkbox while outputting to pdf toset the display options
to ‘only pdf’ (and bookmarks blended out)


Hi @Mac_Conin,

Thanks for reaching out today.

I want to make sure I get your request correctly:
Are you looking for a way to hide some controls (like a comment) when exporting to PDF? If so, working with Markup may help, more details here:

Please let me know if you look into something different and we’ll do our best to help!


sorry for my humble explanation…
I mean the PDF itself. When opened in Acrobat the bookmarks tab is open.
I have to CTRL-D in Acrobat the documents properties set to ‘only page’ (don’t have the naming for english)
(and hiding the bookmarks drawer. Maybe an image makes it clearer.


Thanks for detailing your needs on this @Mac_Conin.

I’ve added the request in our internal tracker so we can discuss it with the team and see if this is something we could implement in the future.

Thanks again, please keep your ideas coming! That’s always something we look for. :smile: