Better project organization/management

Folders or tags to better organize projects. Ways to relate projects together more than just a giant color grid.


We have been talking about the idea of using tags for projects, @danellesheree, and I will add your vote to that discussion! Thanks for taking the time to let us know things you’d like to see. Keep them coming. This is how we all make better software :smile:

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Yes, my manager was told in October you were working on it. Nothing seems to ever seem updated or enhanced, unfortunately. Our team is frustrated about that. We use it heavily and can’t organize well.

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I shared this with Danelle over email, but wanted to share with everyone else as well.

We are working on something big for myBalsamiq.

There is an update coming to myBalsamiq soon that will address some of the transitional issues people are having, but the real big stuff is further out.

Its going to be awesome.

Hang in there friends, myBalsamiq has a lot of love coming its way. :smile:

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I work in a product design team as well, I totally understand. Something that helps our users feel like we are working hard are small updates that are noticed as they work. That is what we feel is missing as we use this premium offering. When was the last update for MyBalsamiq? We honestly don’t remember one in a few years, or maybe we didn’t notice it…?


Hey again @danellesheree, thanks for checking back in with us :smiley:

Totally understandable and I’m sorry about any frustration this is causing you and your team. We do have a blog for product releases, but it’s true, we tend to lump release announcements together, and that can make them easy to miss.

We actually just released a pretty substantial update to myBalsamiq that reduced a lot of the transitional pain for folks who wanted to use their desktop Mockups with it (it also added a ton of new icons to myBalsamiq, courtesy of the Font Awesome icon set.) It didn’t make any significant changes to the overall user experience, however, so I can see how it wouldn’t be noticed unless you were looking for it.

The roadmap, in regards to major myB updates looks like this:
Phase 1: Update the UI and feature set to be on par with Mockups 3 for the Desktop
Phase 2: Start updating pieces to be native
Phase 3: Ship completely native versions of all of our products

Between now and Phase 1, we plan on shipping bugfixes and backend updates to prep for the big update, so it may see quiet. But, internally, things will be anything but quiet. We need to do a better job at communicating that to folks.

Hopefully, this is a decent first step!

One more vote for folders and(or) tags. It is super hard to organize mockups when there are more than 20 of them.
Also, is there a way to sort mockups by date of creation or by names? I wasn’t able to find it, but maybe I’m missing something.

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Added your votes and comments to our feature tracker @Askorbinka. And while I can’t say when (because we don’t know for sure yet,) I can say that folders are coming (insert the Game of Thrones meme of your choice here :smiley:)

Sorting Mockups (both by date or name) is not something that is in our pipeline right now, but it’s something that has come up recently. We like using a custom sort because it allows users to see the Mockups in a certain order. But, it’s something we are discussing it and I will add your comments to that discussion!

Thanks for your (and everyone else’s) continued feedback. We really appreciate everyone taking the time to help us make myBalsamiq better!


Please add me and 7 other votes from our team to the “folder-pool”. I really hope this update to myB comes before we finish the design in January. It’s interesting to hear that folders were not implemented earlier. I found threads on folders and tags from last February. I think 9 months of telling “something big is coming” wouldn’t keep your users interested if the product wouldn’t be practical in other ways. It’s a good product but please hurry <3

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Yes, we do not use the desktop version so feeling pretty left on our own. Has there been any updates? I see a lot of things promised for the future of this product but just not seeing it. Yet, it is the most expensive software we pay for every month. It doesn’t feel like that is going into the product we use at all, rather into the desktop software.

Please 13 votes from our team members for folders & tags for mockups within project OR ability to build a structure of mockups within a project as seen in UXPin (tree list of mockups)


Another vote for this feature. I’m enjoying the folders/organization in the desktop version and would love to see it implemented in myB as well for consistency and when sharing with my team.

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I thought I would share this with everyone struggling with this problem. Our director made a chrome extension to use for this!


This is SO cool!

Thank you for sharing @danellesheree! And thank Jason for us. We are all installing it :slight_smile:

Umm, this is sweet! Great idea!