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BITdefende warning: balsamiq mockups.exe tries to acces files in safe folders?


Can anyone tell me what this means?
Last week i was working on MOckups (i have the desktop licence), en was browsing on internet. SUddenly my pc began te speak with me (as if it was Microsoft) telling me that my pc was beiing attacted and that i should not use my mouse. SO immediately i turned off the modem, en shut down the pc and later that day I turned the pc on again, but I tought it was best to install a scanner to see if my pc was infected (Bitdefender). But today, for the 2nd time i get a warning from Bitdefender dat Balsamiq mockup is trying to change safe files. So i blocked with Bitdef the acces

SO i think last week, when my pc was attacted at a time that Balsamic was open, the program got infected?
If so, what is then the solution? Should I remove Balsamiq and reinstall again? Bitdef hasn’t found any virus yet??


Hi @Jose_van_Baalen and sorry for the trouble with this.

It sounds like Bitdefender might be referring to our tool accessing the local store folder for backups or maybe to Adobe Air (which is needed for our app to run properly). It’s hard to say without looking at the report with you.

While it is very unlikely that Mockups 3 for Desktop would have been affected by anything, you can always remove it from your machine and reinstall it from this page, as an extra security measure.

Just make sure that all your existing projects are saved to your preferred location.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly via if you need any further assistance with this, we’re here to help!