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Blasamiq restart, the project file is deleted


The problem is the following:

  • I was working on two separate balsamiq files at the same time.
  • The program went into “not responding” mode
  • I forced a manual stop of the program and closed both files
  • I restarted the balsamiq program, but only 1 of the files restarted.
  • The 2nd file no longer exists and was somehow deleted from where I had previously saved the file on my drive.
  • Now I cannot find the 2nd file anywhere


So sorry for the trouble @Alwyn_Lvv.

First, let’s see if we can find a backup of your file (we added this mechanism in version 3.2.1):

Can you please check your local store folder, more specifically in the LocalProjects folder?
More details here.

Hopefully, this should help but please let us know if not and we’ll dig deeper!


Thank you very much! You saved my day! :):grin: