[Bug?] Accordion displaying incorrectly after update to 3.3.11


Hello. I just updated from and earlier 3.3.x (3.3.5 I think?) to 3.3.11. After the update, all of my mock ups that use the Accordion UI item are displaying incorrectly. Prior to the update, the dash to signify a sub-item did not display. Now they do. Any suggestions on getting around this? Thanks!


Hi @jdaggit,

Sorry for the snag! Looks like one we’ve introduced recently indeed. Not sure which version precisely since all 3.3.x version seem to show the issue on my end. I’ve passed it on to the dev team so they can work on fixing it.

Thank you for the report, I’ll let you know as soon as we have a fix for this!


Hey @jdaggit

Good news! We just fixed this in our latest pre-release version, available here.

Just a word of caution: as this is a pre-release version, we don’t recommend using it on mission-critical work. The fix will also be included in the next official version. :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks! I’ll probably wait for the next version. Speaking of, how often do you release the official versions?

Also, I’ve noticed in other forum posts here, that you guys often respond with a gif for demonstration purposes. Can you share how you create those? Yeah yeah - it’s 2016 and I don’t know how to make a gif file :slight_smile:


While we don’t have any established schedule for releases, we usually do them once a month and each one gets its blogpost here. For example, you can see all 2015 releases on this blogpost.

No worries, we only recently starting using those for support too. :slight_smile:
We mostly use this tool. Very handy!

Please let us know if you need anything else @jdaggit. We’re here to help!


Hi @jdaggit,

We just released a new official version (3.3.12) including the fix for this.

You can download it here, thanks again for the report! :slight_smile:


Looks good! Thanks Balsamiq team!