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[Bug] Arrow (new) in group, selectors wrong


It seems like arrow selectors for new arrow types are incorrectly placed when the arrow is inside a group.
Somehow the selectors are placed at the left edge of visible canvas, instead of on arrow. They are not selectable.

See screenshot (arrow selected, see below gray box)

It’s not a showstopper, just a little inconvenient.
This is version 3.3.1


Hi again @hsatech,

Sorry for the snag!

I passed it on to the dev team so they can work on it. We’ll keep you in the loop as soon as the issue is fixed.

Thanks for the report!


Hey @hsatech,

We just released a new version (3.3.3) including the fix for this, you can download it here:

Thanks again for the report! Please let us know if you need any further assistance, we’ll be here to help.