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[Bug] Balsamic project window turns black, still able to select elements


I’m on a MacBook Air and after some time working in a project, the window turns black. I can still click elements (and they will reappear) but I need to quit the app and re-open to continue working. Any idea what happens there and how I can avoid this? See screenshot:


Sorry for the trouble with this @Stefan_Ladstatter!

It looks like you’re seeing an RTE that can be caused by some specific steps or even the data in your project.

Is it the first time that you see this issue? Is is specific to this project?
Are you able to reproduce the bug and if so, have you identified any reproducible steps?

Could you please send your BMPR file to so that we can try to reproduce the issue here? We will keep your data strictly confidential and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

Also, are you running the latest version of Mockups (3.4.4)? You can download it here if needed.

Sorry again for the hassle, Stefan. We’ll do our best to help with this.


Hi Virgin, thanks for the fast answer. Yes, I’m using 3.4.4!

I don’t know what an RTE is :smiley:

I’m sending the project via email now.


Just wanted to let you know that we have your file, @Stefan_Ladstatter.

Running some tests on it. We will shoot you an update as soon we know more!

Thanks for taking the time to send it in. Makes testing a ton easier! :slight_smile: