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[Bug] Balsamiq Mockups desktop becomes very slow when working with Data Grid

When using Data Grid GUI becomes very slow in responding when inserting grid of size:
15(columns)*40(rows) or even slightly less.
Gets back to normal when significantly reducing grid size.

Affects the latest version:
Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 3.5.15 - 10/16/2017 14:51
Adobe Air Player Version: WIN 11,9,900,169


Yep, I see that too @Alex_N.

I’m not sure we will be able to do much here until the next major version of the app (it’s already a lot better in Balsamiq Cloud), but if we can, we will.

We never anticipated folks needing data grids that large. I’m sorry about that.

One thing you can do in the interim is to split the data grids up and then group them. That seems to run a little better.

Sorry again for the trouble, Alex. This will be better in the future!

Thanks for the reply. Would be really good if can be fixed in minor versions - we usually have large grids - enterprise level applications and your tool is really great for most of the work we do

Hi @Alex_N

The good news is that we have recently re-engineered our editor and the new version handles these grids much better. For some background check out:

Coming soon: Balsamiq Wireframes
A New Chapter: Balsamiq Cloud

In 2018, we plan to release native versions of the desktop app. based on the new editor - work has already begun but that’s still going to take a little time.

In the meantime, I’d encourage you to try out our web-hosted app. Balsamiq Cloud. There’s a free, 30-day trial and you can sign up quickly and easily here:

All the best,


@alasdair Can’t use cloud version in our organization so have to stick to desktop.
Hope to see the update.
And glad to hear that there will be new editor and good to hear that it will be without adobe air :slight_smile:

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I tried Cloud - it is still extremely slow in working with large data grids + it still doesn’t solve issue in our organization

Hmm, that’s strange Alex. Would it be possible to share your datagrid layout with us so that we can run some tests. If you paste it here, or in a direct message, we can troubleshoot.

Fwiw, I have Data Grids this size, e.g. the biggest in my current project is 15 rows x 57 columns.

GRID.bmpr (35 KB)

Here you go

Thanks for this @Alex_N. We’ll take a look at this and see if we can work out what’s going on.

One simple thing - I notice you’re using version 3.5.15 which is now one minor update out of date. Would you mind updating to the current (3.5.16) version and let me know if you see any improvement. The major change to this version was an update to the underlying engine so it’s possible you’ll see a little improvement.

You can grab it here:

I am on 3.5.16 - no improvement unfortunately. I reattached GRID as a project now - please redownloadGRID.bmpr (35 KB)

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