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[Bug] broken linking in Active links


Hello Guys,

I have been using myBalsamiq for three days now to design a website. There is a bug I recently encountered. Whenever, I link ‘tabs’ component to some other mockups which in case has a ‘tabs’ component having links themselves, the second one doesn’t usually work and often shows wrong links.

In order to reproduce the bug,

  1. You can create a tabs component having active links
  2. Goto the presentation view and click on one of the active links
  3. Try clicking another active link
    I am attaching the images to explain it.



Oh, that’s a fun one. I’m sorry about that @Siddharth_Kanungo.

I’m having trouble reproducing this on my end. Would it be ok if I took a peek into your project? I’d like to test a couple of things so that we can get to the bottom of this issue. :slight_smile:


Sure, No problem.


Ooh, this is a weird one @Siddharth_Kanungo. Good find.

It looks like if you are in a group on Mockup A, switch to Mockup B, enter fullscreen mode, and then follow a link to Mockup A, the links break. This is because you are still technically in the group in Mockup A. You shouldn’t be able to enter a group in fullscreen mode, but doing things in that order allows you to.

I’m not sure this is something we will be able to fix, but I will definitely report it to the team. In the interim, leaving the groups on those mockups (pressing the home icon on the bottom of the page) should allow you to click on all the links again.

I’m really sorry for the trouble @Siddharth_Kanungo but thank you so much for your report. Let me know if you see anything else weird!


Oh. Interesting. No Problem. I love using the balsamiq.
Good work guys.