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[BUG] Cannot override a data grid symbol with None selection


I have a data grid that is used as a symbol and has a default row selection. When I use that symbol in a mockup and try to override the default row selection with Selection=None for grids that don’t have a selection, it doesn’t take. (Workaround was to do the reverse – set the symbol’s default selection to None and override it in mockups that required a selection.)


You can select the last row (formatting settings in curly braces) in the instance, to hide the selection:


But it’s also workaround :wink:


Hi @rshadian,

Thanks for the post and for the clear description here. I am able to reproduce the issue here so it’s definitely a bug with Mockups 3. For background, we’re in the process of replacing the desktop apps with new, native versions (see: Balsamiq Dev Update for January) so it’s not likely that this will be fixed in Mockups 3.

I checked this issue in the current beta test version of Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop and it is possible to override with ‘None’ as expected so the problem is not present in the new version.

Are you able to use your own workaround? I know it’s a bit of a pain to flip your use like this but it works well.


For this project, the workaround is okay since there are only slightly more selections than non-selections. For projects where there are a lot more selections than non-selections, I may just have to use the back door method that @Alexey_Kolchenko suggested. Thanks for looking into it, though.