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Bug: Cannot Quit Mockups 3


Apparently Mockups 3 loves me so much it just don’t want me to quit. I have been loading up my “to go” symbol libraries since yesterday and yes, I have a lot of them.

Two issues:

  1. I was getting ready to load up a new library and when I went to Import/Symbol Libraries I noticed that the explorer window was no longer fully functional. I wasn’t able to perform any folder functionality, such as go up in the branch.
  2. To see if restarting would resolve my issue I tried “Quit” which took me immediately back to the current screen.
  3. So, I tried “top right x” and get message to “Save New Project” which I declined “Don’t Save”.
  4. Mockups 3 didn’t exit in either case and is now keeping me hostage :wink: I need to go home for the weekend… jk

Will see if it plays well with Task Manager when I get more radical.

BTW, this is in Win 8.1.



Yikes! Kill that thing! Don’t let it steal your weekend. :smile:

I know that we had some problems in the past, and have fixed a few. Could you make sure you’re on the latest: We’re at 3.0.8 as of today. Good luck!


I had downloaded 3.0.8 yesterday. This issue happened on 3.0.8. Also, noticed that things have gotten really slow as I continue to add more symbol libraries.
I love the new organization over v2, but the way you guys seem to have the libraries added in now, seems to have a performance impact as the library grows.



Ok, good to know. Well, at least I’m glad that I know. That’s really too bad. We’ll have to see what’s going on. We’ve done some significant improvements to how libraries are managed. Are yours just huge? There definitely are trade-offs to having everything in one file, especially if that file gets really large. Hopefully we can get it sorted out soon for you.


Hey Markus, sorry to bug you again about this. I talked with our developers, and we’d love to figure out more of what’s going on. If you would be willing to send us your .bmpr file, that would be a huge help for us. Just send it to We keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to verify the software is working properly.

Also, you mentioned that you are adding all of your “to go” symbol libraries in your project, and that they are growing and having a performance impact. In general, you should just grab the libraries that you are actually using, and that you really need in order to keep your project lean and mean. I know there will be a balance to strike there, but where possible, don’t just add stuff. :slight_smile:


Let me see what I can do. Unfortunately I am also tied by internal and client policy so I will need to sanitize.

Yes, I know it makes sense to keep it lean, but eventually over time the symbols I need available across projects will increase anyway, so I figured I would just load them now to save me time later.

Would be great if you allowed me to just point to a folder structure (that also has organized subfolders) with all the symbol libraries in it, and through a preview window (similar to the old clipart) allowed me to quickly pull what I need - and just saved those symbols pulled in with the project assets. As long as the “preview” is fast across the folders that would be awesome.