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[Bug] Can't close project/misc freezing (3.5.16, Win 8.1)



I’ve been using Balsamiq since the early 3.x releases, and have a roughly 2 year old, 114mb project containing approximately 80 detailed mockups. When using this project specifically, it will sometimes freeze when I attempt to close the project, export to .pdf, or even take an action such as zoom all mockups to fit. Help!


Hi @Mike_Marx,

Thanks for the post and apologies for the annoyance here.

114Mb is definitely a large project file but we can probably do some housekeeping. First, make sure you have a backup copy of the BMPR file. I’d recommend you then delete any unused images, assets and Symbols before emptying the trash. You can read more detail here: How Can I Organize and Clean Up My Project?

If you’d like me to take a pass at it, just send me a copy of the BMPR file (to via whichever transfer mechanism you prefer for large files (e.g. Dropbox) and I’ll be happy to take a look. All the best for now.


Box invite sent to - thanks!


You’ve got mail!


Hi Alasdair - I don’t see anything new in my inbox or the box folder - where did you send it to?


Hi @Mike_Marx! I’ve just checked and it looks like you and Alasdair sorted this over email after this message but please let us know if you need anything! :slight_smile:


Everything is resolved - the project is cleaned up and functions again, and I’m working on breaking it up into smaller ones to prevent future issues.