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Bug: Cant deselect controls after "Save Project as..."


To reproduce:

  1. Open a Project
  2. Copy the project via “Project -> Save Project As…”
  3. Select a control in one Mockup
    –>> It´s not possible to deselect the control by clicking in the free space.

4 Set the focus to another Window (e.g. Firefox)
5. Set focus to Balsamiq again
–>> Deselecting controls is possible again

I am using B 3.0.3 on Windows


I can reproduce it with 3.999.248 on Win8


Thanks for the detailed steps.
I reproduced it on mac too. We get it fixed!


Hi there!

We fixed the issue in 3.0.4. Among other things.
Here are the complete release notes:

As usual you can get the new version here: