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[Bug] Can't easily transfer one "slide" mockup to another project


This looks to be related to an issue I saw logged in the Beta version (Feature Request: Import assets and symbols on copy & paste from one project to another), but we’re seeing this in Mockups 3.1.2.

If I want to take a mockup from Project1 and move it to Project2, I can copy and paste all of the contents from one into the other. However, if one of the assets is an image, the pasted elements contain the image in a much degraded state. Now as I’m flipping through “slides” of Project2, this newly copied/pasted slide really stands out as a different quality for the part that was the image.

If there is a better way than copying and pasting elements (like drag/drop from one project to another, but that appears to shrink images too), let me know! Or, if there is a workaround alternative to finding the original image/asset and reimporting it, that would be great too.


Hi @grebe,

What size are the images that you are copying? On the assets page when you click on the image you should see the size to the right. What is the before and after the copy?

I ask because I have noticed when you import an asset image it is limited to 2000 pixels for the height and width. If it is over that limit it will reduce the image size during the import so that both the height and width are less than 2000 pixels while keeping the image’s aspect ratio.

I tried your example and I found that the copied image appears to be limited to 800 pixels in height and width. The same limit is applied if I clone an asset that is an image. For example if I clone an image that is 2000x1000 I end up with a clone image that is only 800x400. I believe when you are copying the asset from one project to another it is performing a clone or at least using the same method for encoding the new image. I am guessing that the limits are different between the method used for importing an asset and for cloning an asset.

If you cannot find the original image file then you can always download the image from the first project. On the asset page you can right click on the asset image and select download. Then use that downloaded file to import it into the new project.



Yeah, it is a large background image that we are doing mockups over so I’m sure the size is quite large. Interestingly enough, I didn’t see the same sort of image quality downgrade when using the clone feature for each slide. Good tip about downloading the image though - that should mitigate it, though we’d rather it just worked or gave us the option to include the full-size image. :slight_smile: Thanks!


If you use the clone feature on the slide then the new slide will be using the same assets as the old slide. That should not see a downgrade in quality since new assets were not created. I saw the quality downgrade when cloning the asset itself. I went to assets, right clicked on the asset, and selected clone. That created a copy of the asset and the new asset had a lower pixel size. When pasting the contents of a slide over to another project the assets are being copied to the other project. I am assuming that the same encoding process is being used to copy the assets to the new project and is setting a limit of 800 pixels for the height and width. Which sounds like a buggy or at least undesirable behavior to me.

Hope the download works for you until something can be fixed or enhanced.



Hi @grebe and @Jarin

Let me catch up with the two of you.

Jarin you are right wbout the downsampling. The current maximum size is 2 MegaPixels.

Now that the image got downscaled again on a copy and paste sounds like a bug to me. It would be great if you could share the image with us @grebe. Can you please send it to Just refer to this thread. No need to rewrite everything :wink:

We know the copy and paste between two projects is currently not the best (duplicating assets for example). I tested today the prerelease that addresses this issue.


Unfortunately I can’t send you the image because it’s a screenshot of our software which is proprietary - I’m sorry. Sufficed to say though, it is a large image. Hopefully that is enough to try to re-create on your end.

But thank you for all of the added information - this is helpful!


Hi @Florian_Brauer

Any image that has a height or width over 800 pixels should work for testing.

  1. Open two new projects.
  2. Open the assets view in both projects.
  3. Add an image that is over 800 pixels to one project. Note the size of the image on the right.
  4. Click and drag the asset over to the second project. Note the size of the image is reduced so that the height and width are less then 800 pixels.
  5. In project1 add the asset image to a mockup.
  6. Select the image in the mockup and copy it.
  7. In project2 go to a new mockup and paste the image. This will create a new asset. If you check on the new asset it will be reduced size.
  8. Finally go to the asset in project1, right click on it and select clone. The new cloned image will have a reduced size.

I can make a video of this later if you need.