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[Bug] Can't extract sitemap


Hey fellow balsamagicians,

I am working on a pretty huge sitemap right now and either way, vertical or horizontal, it crosses the grids edge which is fine. But I am not able to export the sitemap object as a .png since the .png is only rendered within the borders of the grid. How can I work around that?


Another bug I noticed when working with this oversized sitemap is that you sometimes get a scrollbar to scroll to the bottom end of your list of sitemap entries, but sometimes you don’t. This depends on where you are viewing the sitemap. If you are looking at the bottom or furthest right end, which is already over the grids edge, and double clicking that element, you won’t get the scroll bar. If you are entering the object while watching the grid, you will get the scroll bar.


Hi @ArcticMe,

Thanks so much for the post. I did a quick test of the PNG export issue as well as the scrollbar and I’m having trouble reproducing your issues. Before we dig in deeply, can you confirm you’re using the latest version of Mockups 3 for Desktop:

I’m testing in 3.5.15 and I’m seeing both the full map when exported to PNG and the scrollbar. Would you take a moment to check your version and, if you’re using an earlier version, update to 3.5.15. Either way, get back to me and we’ll get to the bottom of this for you, ok?


Sitemap Trouble.bmpr (19 KB)


Hey, thank you for the reply. I changed all text in my sitemap and exported the file. Hope the issue can be reproduced on your device.