[Bug] Changing the size and colour of an icon in a shape crashes balsamiq

Version: Balsamiq Wireframes desktop

Reproduction steps

  1. Add new shape
  2. Edit text and add the text below (or any combination of color and size on an icon)

Actual result:
Balsamiq crashes, the file can no longer be opened, all backups for the day also crash (lost 3 hours of work). See the attached file for an example of a broken file due to this bug

Blank - Copy.bmpr (52 KB)

I’m really sorry about the trouble with this one, @James_W.

I’ve shared the reproducible steps with our dev team so that we can work on fixing it.

Did you already re-create the work that has been affected?
If not, don’t hesitate to share the related BMPR file, and we’ll see if we can fix it for you.

Thanks for sharing the detailed steps. We’ll get it fixed.

Thanks Virgin, yes luckily i was able to recover some of the mock-up items from the clipboard, so I got back to where I was

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