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[BUG] Clickable link position on icons


Here is an interesting little bug that had me double-checking my work because it looked like the link was not setup…

**Note: My work was done in Mockups 3 and then uploaded to our myBalsamiq site for collaboration with my developers.

Here is a screenshot from Mockups 3 showing the link on the Pencil icon.

Notice how the pointer is within the border of the icon.

Here is what I saw when I first uploaded the project into myBalsamiq and viewed in presentation mode. Notice how the clickable link is offset to the left side of the icon.

I found that by editing this mockup, the clickable link is now within the icon border (maybe just a little offset to the right).


Hey Russ :slight_smile:

I think this has to do with the padding of the big pointer in fullscreen mode. If you open the mockup in Fullscreen Mode in myBalsamiq, does the link feel like it’s in the same position?


I used the wrong term above – should be Launch Prototype view vs. presentation mode.

I found this only occurs in the Launch Prototype view within myBalsamiq using Chrome. In Full-screen presentation view, the link appears correctly and within the icon border (as best as it can with the large pointer). I also could not recreate with IE or Firefox on Windows 7 64-bit (Enterprise version). Browser inconsistencies are so frustrating. :rage:

I found the problem goes away if you 1) click on the link and return the page 2) Edit the page, click on the icon object, close the project, then go back to the prototype view. I can recreate the problem by clearing my browser cache, closing the browser, then going back to the Launch Prototype page.


I’ll poke at this first thing tomorrow. See if we can figure out what’s up.


We have got it, Russ. Filed :slight_smile:

Thank you, as always, for the heads up.