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[BUG] Cloning mockup by drag n' drop doesn't work


To recreate:

  1. Hold ctrl and click a mockup in the Mockups navigator
  2. Drag the mockup and notice the [+] mouse icon (indicating copy instead of move)
  3. Drop the mockup anywhere in the list

Expected behaviour: The mockup is cloned
Observed behaviour: The mockup is moved


Hi @gs1,

Sorry for the confusion with this.

In Balsamiq Mockups 3 for desktop, here are all the ways to clone a mockup:

  • from the project menu
  • from the mockup dropdown menu in the navigator
  • by right clicking a mockup in the navigator
  • by using the keyboard shortcut (“CTRL+SHIFT+N” on Windows or “CMD+SHIFT+N” on Mac)

Also, here is the complete list of shortcuts you can use in our little tool if needed:

Please let me know if this works for you or if you need any further support, we’re here to help! :smile:


Maybe it could be an idea to leave the mouse icon untouched when ctrl is pressed.

Thanks for the quick response and a great product!