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[Bug] Confluence Mockup 3.4.1 Editing not working in Firefox 47


We recently upgraded to 3.4.1 from some ancient version of Mockups. When I try and edit from inside Firefox, I get a white screen and the editor never loads.

A message is briefly flashed saying “Flashplayer 10 or higher is required”, but it then navigates to what is supposed to be the edit page and shows a featureless blank screen. I checked and confirmed that I had the latest version of Flash installed.

Editing the same page from Chrome works fine.

Our Confluence instance is hosted by Atlassian.


I’m sorry about that @maxcelcat. Let’s see if we can figure out what’s going on.

First things first, let’s try updating your Flash Player, just in case it’s causing the error. You can download the newest version here.

If you still see that weird edit page, would you mind checking Firefox’s developer console? That will help us with troubleshooting this. Here is the page on how to find the Debugger. The Network Monitor may help us as well.

If you wouldn’t mind taking a screenshot of those and sending them to, we will do everything we can to figure out what’s going on.

I’m really sorry for the trouble here, Paul. We will get it sorted! :slight_smile:


I’m about to email you some screen shots, but I thought I’d mention this.

Running Firefox Developer Edition, I briefly ran the Inspector over the page. It spotted all the parts of the editor, but they were all white boxes.


I was experiencing the same problem. Is there any resolution on that?


Hi @AndreyE,

Thanks for checking on this one. We don’t have a resolution for this one yet, but we are still investigating and reported it to Mozilla already. We’ll share more information as soon as we have some.

In the meantime, would using another web browser (e.g. Google Chrome) be a possible solution for you?


Sure, no problem. I am using Edge.


I can confirm that this is now fixed. Thanks. You can close this one now.


Thanks for confirming @maxcelcat! :slight_smile:

It may be helpful for @AndreyE to go back on Firefox too.