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[bug] Copy bitmap to clipboard


Hi Balsamiq,

Copy bitmap to clipboard function doesn’t work neither with keyboard shortcut, nor with Edit menu. Though, a notification on placing the image to clipboard does appear in both cases.

I’d prefer the reverse behavior :sunglasses:

Win 7 64bit, Chrome browser


Hi @Alexey_Kolchenko,

Thanks for the report. This is a curious one! If I copy the bitmap I am not able to paste it into some applications (e.g. Windows Paint and Photoshop) but I am able to paste it into others (e.g. Microsoft Word).

We’ll dig into this and work out what’s happening here. Bear with me and I’ll get you an update as soon as I can, ok?


Alasdair, thank you for clarification. I’ve checked, indeed, some apps does allow pasting, but some doesn’t.


Hi, i have the same problem. I select an area, after i select the Item “Copy bitmap to clipboard” i the Edit menu, and i’m not able to paste it in others applications (, word …)
I tried it in IE browser and Chrome. (W10)
Thanks for your answer,


Hi @Benoit_Louzeau,

As for now, for the small wireframes you can use third-party tools to get a part of a screen as an image. It’s the most fast way to get an image. I personally use Postimage.

For the big wireframes, which are go beyond a single screen, you can use
Project > Export > Current Wireframe to PNG...
which is a bit longer and boring old-school way :slight_smile:


Hi @Benoit_Louzeau,

Thanks for the post. It’s an issue we’re investigating - long story short, it’s to do with Javascript and security. Seems to be a bigger issue on Windows than macOS. I’ll keep you updated with any developments.


Thanks. myself, i work with the standard windows 10 tool (Capture) and it’s works well :wink:


:+1: anyway, having right functioning CTRL + SHIFT + C is needed feature in Balsamiq