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[Bug] Copying mockup with symbols to other projet duplicates the symbols/assets


This bug is nasty.

If you create a symbol, create three instances of this symbol, and copy those three instances in another project, three unique symbols will be created for each instances copied.

Screenshot to help understand the problem:

It is nasty because it copies the entire symbol library in the other project for each symbol instances! Aouch!

Are you already aware of this problem?

Symbol requires scrolling to see
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Hi @sgiroux

No we weren’t. Thank you for informing us.
I can reproduce the issue in 3.0.5. I hand it on.


I am also finding that this occurs when copying symbols between mockups within the same project. Didn’t realize this until I saw that I had numerous duplicate symbols and no idea which one is the original.


Yup - this has happened to me in several instances as well. I’ve deleted the extras without issue so far, so either I’m guessing right, or they are “valid” symbols.


Yes, I have seen this in my testing as well. It’s on our list, and we’ll squash it! Sorry for the hassle!


Any ETA on if this bug will be fixed soon? It’s still occurring in 3.0.8.

Also, this mentions symbols but it also happens for assets (like custom icons)


Yes, it’s possible to delete true extras - e.g. those that are not in use in the copy - but it is still necessary to leave the used duplicates behind because, if you remove them, then the symbols in the copied mockup turn into “symbol not found”. Even if I’m okay doing this, this is also complicated by the fact that there’s no way to know for sure which matching symbols are which (since they all have the same name) unless you modify the name of one of the duplicates.


Sorry @Jenni_Merrifield, no ETA yet. It’s definitely on our list though. I’ve added your vote!


Definitely would appreciate this fixed as soon as possible. It is causing significant problems within my bmpr projects and detracts from the usefulness of symbols because managing multiple copies of the same symbol is almost like not using symbols in the first place.


Agree with @Jenni_Merrifield that this issue affects the assets as well. Here is a peak at what my assets menu looks like :smile:


We’re working on a fix for this in the next release, hang tight!


Yay! I’m so glad to hear this. :smile:


I notice that it’s already been over two months since this bug has been reported and I’d really like to see this bug fixed.

We have a couple of Desktop licenses and are starting a new project and there is really no ideal solution due to the bug, so we have to make our workflow more complex to account for this. Do you have an ETA for this? At least that would help us plan whether to split our work into fewer or more projects. Thanks very much, and thanks for an otherwise great product!


Hi @lpb5555, you can try the improvements we planned for the next release here - let us know what you think!


I appreciate that, but 1) I don’t see any info there about what’s changed/fixed, known issues, etc., 2) it says it’s only for “brave souls,” and 3) I can’t tell if it’s possible and if there are implications of returning to the stable release version if issues.

Do you have a very rough ETA for when this early release might become official; a couple weeks? months?



This is what we’re aiming for.


Hi everybody,

The new version (3.1.3) with the bug fix is ready. You can get it here:

Here are the complete release notes:


I just downloaded it and gave it a try, but it still seems to duplicate my symbols. I tried doing:

  • Copy from v1 to v2 - v2 resulted in duplicate symbols
  • Dragging from v1 to v2 - v2 resulted in duplicate symbols

The more I’ve been using B3.1.3 the more I’m seeing inconsistent outcomes for handling duplicates. I’m finding that most of the time, it’s simply duplicating them, and some of the time, it’s not. Today I found that I added a (custom) symbol to Slide 1, wanted to copy and paste it to Slide 2 (in the same project) and it duplicated the symbol. When I copy a grouped set of elements containing symbols from Project 1 to Project 2, sometimes (not all the time), it will ask me if I want to replace it. I’d guess I’m asked 25% of the time and the other 75% it creates a duplicate still.

All of these scenarios occured when working on a project created in an earlier version of Balsamiq, if that matters.


I had the original V3 Desktop Balsamiq and have just been caught out badly by the issues described here in my most recent project. I’ve (now) installed the latest Balsamiq version, but am unsure if the issue is fixed - is it fixed, or do I need to proceed with caution?
(I have a definitive set of system designs in V2 which I migrate to V3 as required, this is where the issue occurs).
Thanks - Brian.


Hi @Brian,

This issue should be fixed since a recent release.

If Balsamiq Mockups 3 (3.1.7 at present) finds the same resource already copied from the same project, it will ask for skipping or replacing it, no more duplicating.

Happy Wireframing! :smile: