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[Bug] ctrl+R to save tries to save a mockup from another instance


There’s the video, here’s what’s happening:

  • I press ctrl+R
  • I’m prompted to save another mockup form another instance of Balsamiq.
  • I cancel that save dialog and return to the editor
  • I select a couple of elements
  • I press ctrl+R
  • I’m prompted to save another mockup from another instance (same one as before)
  • I cancel that request
  • Under that save dialog there the prompt to ‘export selected’ or ‘export everything’ because I only selected a few elements
  • I select ‘export everything’
  • I’m prompted to save the current mockup as expected

This doesn’t happen everytime, but often enough to report it. I don’t know how to consistently reproduce it, but will report back if I can figure it out.

Version: 3.2.4 - 10/22/2015 02:44
Adobe Air Player Version: MAC 11,9,900,169


Oh Wow, @Compu_Alan_Leonard, thanks for the report. That’s a really weird one. I’m sorry about.

I’ll get to testing this right away as well, but just to clarify:

  1. Are you running two projects at the same time, or is the command offering to export mockups for a closed project (because that would be even more weird!)
  2. Since you’re on a Mac, are you using CMD+R and seeing this?

Let’s see if we can dig a little deeper and get this figured out!


Thanks for the reply!

  1. Yes, I’m running multiple (7) projects at the same time. No the mockup that it’s trying to export is not from a closed project.
  2. Correct, I’m using Command+R to export.


This issue related to an old focus bug that we have been hunting for a while, Alan. I’ll keep trying on my end, but if you find reproducible steps, we would love them.

This one has alluded us for a while!

Thanks again for taking the time to bring this to us. We really appreciate it.