[BUG] Dragging an object in mockup


Hi Balsamiq,

I’ve faced strange behavior while moving objects within mockup with mouse. Instead of moving an object while dragging, I see a list of mockups are moves.

When the object is placed in a left half of the screen, the mockups list is moving. When the object is on the right half of the screen, the contents of the inspector panel is moving.

Please watch the GIF:

The bug appears after some time of working. Page reloading fixes it for a some time.


Hi @Alexey_Kolchenko and sorry for the trouble with this bug.

Since we can’t reproduce it on our end, could you share more details about the issue:

  • Do you have specific steps that lead to the issue?
  • Are you able to reproduce it with any project or only a specific one? In case it’s specific to that project, could you please share it with us?
  • Also, which browser (and version) are you using?

Thanks for the report, we’ll do our best to help!


Hi Virgin,

This bug has occured in the morning several times, but now it stopped to work :rofl:.
I’ll try to reproduce it and will share the info.

Thank you.


Hey Balsamiq!

I’ve caught it! Please watch the issue in the GIF:

To reproduce it:

  1. Switch to non-English keyboard layout, in my case it was Russian
  2. Press CTRL + A, my intention was to select all the elements in a group
  3. [BUG 1] In the Properties panel you can see selection within input controls
  4. [BUG 1] Drag any element in the mockup and the ghost image of the Properties panel is moving
  5. [BUG 2, 0:16s on the GIF] When clicking on Properties panel, it switches to the Notes panel

PC: Windows 10 64 bit, Crome 67.0.3396.99

To fix it I need to reload the page.

I’d like Balsamiq to support keyboard shortcuts for non-English keyboard, too. Currently it’s very annoying to switch between layouts.

Thank you.


Thanks Alexey, this is great.

Alasdair and I are still having trouble reproducing it, even with your steps, but we are going to sick @Florian_Brauer on it as soon as he is back next week. If he figures it out, we will let you know. :slight_smile:

Edit: Ha, Alasdair just reproduced it. We investigate and get it fixed!