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Bug: Drawn Arrows Randomly Disappear from saved symbols following presentation mode


This bug happens on both the google drive and desktop versions.

Randomly when going into presentation mode the Arrows will disappear permanently from the Mockup…

Sometimes they simply are not drawn during presentation mode, while other times they disappear from the mockup permanently,


Hey @phillipbligh,

I imagine this has been frustrating for you and your team. I’m really sorry about that.

I’m wondering if the cause of the disappearing arrows is that the project’s markup is being hidden.

By default, arrows are flagged as markup. That means that if your project (or presentation mode) is set to hide markup, the arrows will be hidden.

Hiding markup is done through the toolbar at the top of the project:

And in the settings panel of presentation mode:

If you don’t want to your arrows to be flagged as markup, you can right click on arrows in your project and chose to not treat them as markup. Then you can hide any other markup without having to worry about your arrows disappearing.

If this isn’t the cause, and the arrows are disappearing even with markup being shown, please let us know. We want to get that fixed as soon as possible!

I’m sorry again for the frustration with this. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.


Added a new line inside one of my saved symbols and magically all my lost lines are back from all of my symbols.

So looks like they are not gone permenantly.


Thank you Brendan,

I changed all my arrows to not be markup. Hopefully this prevents them from disappearing in the future.


Awesome Phillip.

Please let us know if you still see issues!