[BUG] Editing Symbol removes search and scrollbars

When editing a symbol, the quick search in the upper right corner disappears, as does the scroll bar navigation from the asset library (or other library buttons). This makes it impossible to add things to the symbol. Here is a gif of what happens in Balsamiq 3.5.14

Ugh, that is fun one @cfdude. I’m sorry about that, my friend.

Does this persist through app restarts? If so, would it be possible to email me the project file so that I can take a look?

I just tried to close down Balsamiq and reopen it and the issue persists. I can’t really send the project file itself. I’ll send you an email just the same and maybe we can troubleshoot further.

I actually botched this one, @cfdude. I’m sorry about that.

I thought you were just selecting the symbol, but since you are editing it, the quick add field would go away.

You cannot add new controls to a symbol, so the quick add field disappears.

I’m sorry for my confusion, and any confusion I caused you with this. My brain completely swapped the words “editing” and “selecting.” One of those days

Ok, so it’s not that you can’t add new controls while editing a symbol, it’s that double-clicking overrides the properties of the symbol. Overriding properties doesn’t allow for adding new controls. Had I clicked the “edit” button on the symbol, I would have seen the ability to scroll and add new controls.

Still… if you’re going to take away the horizontal nav bar so I can’t scroll, maybe the controls should be “grayed out” or diminished in some fashion too, so I’m not left to think I could actually add a control. That would be a slightly better user experience in my book.

Thanks for the quick reply Brendan!

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Agreed @cfdude.

Symbols and groups are a hard thing to telegraph to a user, but we will do better. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just checked and we do this in the new editor:

oh, way to go… tease me with the new editor why don’t you. :sob: I’m looking forward to the new native Mac client!