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[Bug] Elements inside a placed symbol can't be translated


[Forewarning: This bug can’t be recreated at will, but I’m seeing it often enough that I thought it deserved to be posted.]

Here’s the behaviour I’m seeing, and it appears to be new to Mockups 3 as far as I can tell. I will create a symbol from some inserted and grouped elements with sub-groups as well, and then I will place a second instance of the symbol into the screen. So far so good. Then I will open the second symbol instance for editing, so I can move one of the elements of the symbol to a new location. As I try to translate the element, it will immediately snap back to the original location. This is true if I try to drag it, or if I edit the position in the property inspector.

Typically the only solution I can find is to delete the symbol and all instances, and start again. (hence the can’t reproduce every time.)


Hi @Josh_Johnson. That’s a weird one, but I can reproduce it. It looks like the sub-group keeps snapping back. The only workaround for the moment, as I’m sure you discovered, is to ungroup the sub-group.

I’ll write up the bug report so we can get it fixed. Thanks for reporting the problem!


Hi @Josh_Johnson

Thanks again for the bug report. We fixed the issue in 3.1.5.

You can get the new version (3.1.5) here:

And the complete release notes are here: