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[bug] Esc = unselect solution has a bug


typically on other drawing programs, pressing “ESC” when you had an object selected would de-select the object so that arrow keys would go back to “pan” instead of “move element” it doesn’t seem to work here. Am I missing something?


Hello again @sdwarwick!

Expectations for the ESC key are tricky (the convention we are using right now comes from design applications like Illustrator,) but I’ll add this to our feature tracker.

Thanks for your input!


thanks for your response. I don’t seem to find any key that does a de-selection, so perhaps it would be nice to have something like that somewhere.

likewise, I’m not finding keys that takes you directly to the “position” or “size” numerical entry points in the inspector… just another “nice to have” if you folks are in that part of the program.


Although not as simple as hitting “ESC”, you could use the “Select None” command to unselect everything, CMD+SHIFT+A (MAC) | CTRL+SHIFT+A (Windows).

Also, here’s a list of all the keyboard shortcuts for your reference:

Hope that helps a bit! :smile:


this is exactly what I was looking for.


So, Keith provided a great solution, which unfortunately exposed a bug. Suppose you have a number of sheets ( “mockups” ) and you have selected some object in each one of them. The nice thing is that the selections stay selected as you move from Mockup to Mockup (sheet-to-sheet) using either the mouse in the navigator or ctrl-page-up/down" The unfortunate thing is that the “unselect all” function ( “ctrl-shift-A”) almost always doesn’t work.


Hey @sdwarwick, are you trying to de-select across all the mockups, or just the current one?


may be fixed in the latest version


@Brendan - Would love to see “deselect with ESC” functionality in Balsamiqs 4.