[BUG] Export to PDF dialog not wrapping long names properly

As shown in the image below, the Export to PDF dialog is having difficulty with the long names I’ve given my wireframes. The wrapped text is overlapping with the checkbox and text of the next item rather than pushing it down.

To be honest, I’d actually prefer a horizontally scrolling window to wrapping the names, but if they are going to be wrapped, it should at least be legible!


Yeesh, that’s ugly.

I see it too, Jenni. We will get it fixed!

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So I just went to generate a PDF for the first time in a long while today and discovered that this bug was apparently fixed - long names are now being truncated and an ellipsis appended rather than wrapping and obscuring names lower in the view.

BUT, now I have a new issue! As the difference between the names for related wireframes is often just a short descriptor on the end when the base name ends at or beyond where the ellipsis is added I can no longer tell which wireframe is which! Even worse, I also can’t tell which items displayed in the list are alternates since that information is also at the end.

So I’d like to suggest/request that a tooltip be added to this part of the UI so that when I hover over any truncated name I am shown the full name (including alternate status).

Thank you!

Hi @Jenni_Merrifield and thanks for the update on this one.

You’re right, we fixed the issue that you initially reported but we now need to address your second request about wireframes with long names. I’ve looped in our dev team and we’ll look into improving that behavior.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as always! :slight_smile:

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