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[Bug] Exporting All Mockups to PNG



When attempting to export all mocks to a PNG please could you allow the exporting of alternate versions as well?


I rapidly create alternatives as I begin to think and try out ideas. I then end up presenting x number of alternatives via pngs to my team/test subjects to critic.

From feedback I understand what works well/what doesn’t etc. Finally, I come back and refine something to become the ‘Official Version’


Hey Dan,

When it’s exported, how would you then differentiate between the primary version and other versions? Would it append the random numbers to the end of the PNGs? I wondered about this, too…though my alternates eventually get canned.



I manually append 1,2,3 etc. Although I wouldn’t care if it just chucked it out with the name given to the alternative.

I don’t really have a primary version until after all designs have been critiqued.

My design work is more evidence/approval based and so a primary version isn’t found until a little later.