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[Bug] Exporting (Cropped) Graphics render white background


Hey Guys,
I noticed, that whenever I export a mockup, or in this case just a part of it, the graphics which had an alpha-channel before, are rendered with a white background.


I downloaded a graphic from your page to demonstrate it and dragged it inside of balsamiq.

When I export this certain object now, it get’s rendered with a white background.
Could you somehow provide an option to change it to alpha?


By the way
There is a nice hip hop track from the 90s by Ice Cube, called 'Check Yo Self’ (‘before you wreck yourself’) :grin:

I just found the very option I was talking about.

Everybody please look at balsamiq. As usual one step ahead :grin:
cheers and thank you


Just in case someone is wondering where that option can be found, here it is: