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[Bug & Feature Request] Rectangle


Rectangles with rounded edges and infill don’t fill to the edge, some transparency is left over. Below a screenshot of a rounded edge rectangle (white infill, white edge) on red background. This image is not magnified.

Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 3.3.11 - 03/09/2016 09:05
Adobe Air Player Version: WIN 21,0,0,174

Feature request:
As a user of BM3 I want to edit more settings on my shapes to draw the Mockup I need to draw.
Fore rectangles I want to configure:

  • the type of border
  • border opacity
  • roundness of my corners


Thanks for taking the time to post this, @Lesani!

You are not the first person to see the fill problem with rectangle corners. When we revisit the rectangle control, that is one of the things we will look at.

I’ve brought your requests back to the team because I think they are good. I think border opacity is especially important. I worry, however, that having that the corner rounding offers more granularity than the app is intended to have. Definitely something worth talking about!

Thanks again for the suggestions :). Please let us know if there are other enhancements you’d like to see. We would love to talk about them!


Hi Brendan! Thanks for the quick reply!

Concerning granularity:

Either Balsamiq is a mockup tool where I can create the mockups I need that give a proper representation towards the programmers, or it itsn’t.

Some cases/companies may be satisfied with the vague comic-style that Balsamiq seems to prefer, I (and best guess: many others) need to deliver visually accurate mockups (close to pixel perfect we say) in order to get what I want in my first prototype. Currently I achieve this by photoshopping lots of stuff beforehand and importing the PNG files. Not overly satisfying.
My best suggestion would be: let the user decide how granular they want to define stuff. put in plausible default values but let me modify them according to my needs if I need to.

just my 2 cents

Just another example of lack of rounded edges making my head hurt:

I need badges, some can get even wider than this example (3-4 digit numbers)
First: my badge omplete made with circles and a rectangle,
Second: single components below each other
Third: No option, rounded rectangle

simple solution would be a rounded-edges rectangle with corner radius of 9px (box is 18px high)
then I could even scale it wider where needed, without having to micro-adjust placement and size of circles and rectangle in my symbol/group