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BUG: Go To Project - not aware of more recently opened projects



  1. Open a project (Project 1).
  2. Open a second project (Project 2)

In Project 2 go to Windows > Go To Project. List shows Project 1 and Project 2 (correct).
In Project 1 go to Windows > Go To Project. List only shows Project 1 (not aware of Project 2 since it was opened after).

Similarly, Windows > Next/Prev Project is only aware of projects opened before the current project.


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for report.
I just tested this in version 3.1.2 for desktop on windows and mac os. In both cases the lists were updated correctly.

Can you please check which version you are using?


I was on 3.1.1, but I just upgraded to 3.1.2 and the issue still exists. Also, I notice that if I close a project it does not get removed from the list.

I have taken three screen shots and placed them in my OneDrive (link below). The left image is the first project opened so it only shows itself and one other (a project that is actually closed). The next image shows itself and the first project and the last image is aware of all the projects since it opened last.!76329&authkey=!AEOntca52xnIxPc&ithint=folder%2Cpng