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Bug - group link not overriding links of individual objects


I’ve found that if I group a bunch of objects and assign a link to that group, sometimes when clicking through I end up going somewhere unexpected. I’ve found that if I drill down into the individual objects, one of them will have a different link assigned, and this is the one that seems to get priority when the pdf is created. I come up against this problem quite a lot when copy-pasting linked objects from other mockups to use them in different contexts

I think assigning a link to a group should override any links assigned to any individual group members.


Hi @Chris_Gatland,

Sorry for the hassle with this one.

Exported PDF can be unreliable when the project has layered links indeed. For now, I would recommend to disable individual links if you need to link a group that include the related control.

I added your comment in our internal tracker so we can discuss it with the team and think about a better way to handle this in the future.

Thanks for the feedback Chris, as always!


Yep, that’s what I’ve had to do. It’s very hit and miss though because there’s no easy way to check for issues without clicking every link in a project. At least I know the reason now though - it took a while to realise what was happening!