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[BUG] Image jumps randomly while positioning


Hi Balsamiq,

Balsamiq just have almost ruined my demo to client (

The bug I’ve faced was unaple to position an image within the mockup. After placing the image on the right place, the image jumped in some random position, please watch the video.

Nudging the image with arrow keys doesn’t work, too. Restart didn’t fix the issue.

PS. I tried to insert the image from clipboard. Importing to Assets and inserting it from there fixed that issue.


So sorry about that, @Alexey_Kolchenko.

I assume you’re on the latest Desktop version (3.5.15), right?

Are you still able to reproduce the issue?

If so, could you please send us your BMPR file so we can try to reproduce it here and see what we can do to avoid it from happening again?
We will keep your data strictly confidential and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

Sorry again for your demo, Alexey. We’ll do our best to solve this issue.


Hi Virgin,

I’ve fixed the issue just before the demo, but it got me very nervous ).

To reproduce:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Hide markup (CTRL + K)
  3. Copy and paste any image into mockup
  4. [BUG] Drag the image with mouse. The image jumps randomly

When markup is being shown again, the issue dissapears. But hide markup again, and it jumps as crazy.

PC: Windows 10, Desktop 3.5.15, Bundled version

I’ve attached the test file with the issue, I’ll try it on the another PC.
Test.bmpr (301 KB)

I have no this issue on Windows 7 PC on the same bundled Desktop version 3.5.15


Hi Alexey,

Thanks for bearing with us here. Did you have a chance to try this on another machine? Any joy?

We’re struggling to investigate this because we’re completely unable to reproduce it. I wonder if you could try installing the regular version of the app (Balsamiq_Mockups_3.5.15.exe) and also update your system version of Air ( and see if the issue persists?

I know this is a lot of running around so I appreciate your time and patience here. These kinds of issues are a pain, I know, and we’re excited about the development and release of our new, native desktop apps. which should make these kinds of annoying, hard-to-pin-down issues a thing of the past.


Hi @alasdair,

I’ve updated both the Air and Balsamiq, still the issue did existed.

Then I’ve deleted the entire local store folder, and the issue has gone, both in portable, and installed versions!
On my home PC all works just fine, I couldn’t reproduce the issue.

Thank you for support.