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Bug in links when exporting to PDF? 3.1.8


When I export to PDF, I’ve found that some of my links go to the wrong mockups in the PDF, even though they are correct in Balsamiq.

I use the PDF export function a lot and have only just noticed this, I wonder if it’s because I did something slightly different with these mockups. The links that are broken are on top of a symbol which has multiple links. (As I can’t make nested symbols, I have put e.g. a different button on top of the symbol, so I don’t have to duplicate the whole thing). Not all the elements on top of the symbol are broken, only some of them.

(I saw a problem with exporting grouped elements reported, but the broken elements are not part of a group.)

I’m using 3.1.8 - hoping this might have already been fixed in a newer version? Thanks!


Hey @kati,

Sorry for the snag. This sounds like the issue is related to your project having multiple layers of links on the same mockup.

Would you mind sending your BMPR file to so that we can try to reproduce the bug here? We will keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

I would also recommend updating to the latest version (3.3.12), to see if it helps with this. Plus we recently added some nice new features and a new backup system. :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin, I can’t share my files I’m afraid but I’ll see if I can recreate it in a new file - I just tried a really simple test and it worked fine so it will need a bit more work to recreate, if I get a chance I’ll send it sure.


Unfortunately I can’t reproduce my original issue quickly as I’ve changed the mockup since then to work around it… but in case the following is related:
I thought I had a second instance of the problem, but then realised I had made a mistake when exporting the PDF - I had forgotten to include one of the linked mockups in the export.
When clicking on the missing link in the PDF, instead of doing nothing or showing the link was broken, it went to a different mockup, which seems strange behaviour. (It doesn’t always do that when I forget to include a mockup, for another missing link it did nothing when clicked.)


Thanks for sharing the details @kati.

I’ve just tried to reproduce these steps and to exclude a mockup disable the links that go to this mockup. On the other hand, having a second layer link (that goes to a mockup included in the PDF export) underneath is kept. So as I suspected, it seems to be related to multiple link layers in your mockup.

Please let us know if you see the issue again, we’ll dig deeper if needed! :slight_smile: