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Bug in the quickadd autocomplete


when typing in the quick add - I’m getting strange results. I’m trying to get a “paragraph” element - so I type “para”. I don’t see paragraph at the top but other things… and paragraph is lower down… I’m not sure what logic is being used here - but clearly paragraph should be the first match based on the labels.


Hi @yehosef,

Sorry for the confusion with this one!

We actually renamed the control to “Text” since we introduced the version 3.x of our tool. We made this change so people can look for text or still for paragraph, and they will get the right control.
The results for “para” displays it actually:

Looking for “te” will put the control as top result.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you need any further information.


Maybe the inclusion of all the icons in the quick search makes the text harder to find / identify the correct control? Typing paragraph in Quick Add, I’d definitely hone in on the paragraph icon at the bottom there. I can recall getting mixed up with Sitemap / Site Map in the same way.


thanks for the clarifications.

But it’s still broken/wrong. The top element of the list is “H.Rule”. - why is that even shown - the desc. is “Horizontal Rule, Separator, Line, HR” - where is “para” there!? Ahh… it is “se_para_tor”. Whereas the desc. for text is “Paragraph of Text”. You can refer to for some ideas about rules of autocomplete - but one is definitely that mid-word matches should rank lower that prefix matches (if mid-word matches should match at all… when I typed “para” was I really looking for separator?

A separate problem you have here is that the “parallelogram” will also match in the “shapes” description - but chances are most of the times someone types in “para” they would be more interested in “paragraph” than “parallelogram” - but that’s already heuristics.

@kemch - yes including the icons is confusing - it would be nice if there was some more clear visual indicator - perhaps include the box around them - or make them a difference color - or the text a different size. There are different approaches - I’m sure the UX gurus here will figure something out.


Thanks you both for the feedback on this! That’s always very helpful for us.

We’re thinking about a way to help differentiate icons from controls in the quick add so I added your comments and votes for this.


+1 for @yehosef’s points, because I’ve been running into this a lot, too. Particularly that prefix matches should be higher than mid matches. And that matches probably should be for the user-visible name, not the internal symbol name (e.g. “se_para_tor”). Or at least if they are, they should be even lower priority than a mid-match on the user-visible name.