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[BUG] inspector panel broken on new alternate


Hi there,

I’m working with Mockups 3 for Drive. Mac OS X updated to the latest version and browser is firefox (latest).

When i’ve just created a new alternate of a mockup my inspector panel breaks. It all starts (after alternate creation) with that the select-tool does not show it’s selection area-lines anymore. Mockups does however select the controls. I can drag them as a group. The inspector panel though, just shows the amount of controls selected, but doesn’t show the edit options anymore. After this has happened, the panel doesn’t properly update anymore (not at all).

The only work around I found was a complete restart of the application.


Hi again @WeeDz, I’m sorry about that.

After you create the alternate, are you also renaming it? I ask because we just fixed a bug related to renaming alternates in our pre-release build, and what you’re describing sounds related to that.

We hope to have that fixed in the production build of Mockups for Google Drive in the next week. In the interim, if you are renaming them, make sure they are unique names.

If this is happening after you make the alternate (without doing anything else), then we definitely should take a look at it. Would you shoot Virgin and me an email at

Again, I’m sorry about the hassle this is causing you. Hopefully, it’s the bug we have already fixed! :smiley: