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Bug - label inserts a space between w and s


Strange one this… If you type any word into a label that includes “ws” then you will see a space inserted between them when you exit edit mode.

  • ws becomes w s
  • Matthews becomes Matthew s



Hmm, that’s a weird one, @Chris_Gatland.

I am unable to reproduce it on my side.

Are you using a custom font, maybe? Also, are you on the latest version (3.5.12).


I’m using Arial. I just noticed I’m a bit behind with updates, and downloaded the latest (3.5.12). It’s not installing though - it seems to hang after I enter my admin password and then only Ctrl-Alt-Del brings it back. Weird…


I just tested on Windows with Arial, and couldn’t find the issue.

Not sure why 3.5.12 won’t install. Sounds like something with Windows’ UAC. Would you mind rebooting when you get a chance, Chris? As much as I hate to recommend that, it almost always clears out the really weird stuff.

Let me know if that works.


Yep, I had to reboot as Balsamiq wouldn’t launch after the failed update.

This time the update went fine, and I’m also no longer seeing the bug!


¯_(ツ)_/¯ Computers

Let me know if you run into any other issues, Chris. Sorry for this weirdness, but I’m glad it’s working again. :slight_smile: