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[Bug] Letter "i" disappearing on PDFs


When I export to PDF, and then copy and paste the text from that PDF into something else (Wordpress/Word/Notepad/Whatever), many of the "i"s disappear.

So “Let us find that for you” becomes “Let us fnd that for you”.

This bug doesn’t occur using the Balsamiq sans font, but it can be recreated every time using any of the other fonts.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Start a new project and add a text element.

  2. Type or paste “Let us find that for you”.

  3. Set the font as something other than Balsamiq Sans

  4. Export to PDF.

  5. View the PDF, copy the text.

  6. Paste the text anywhere, the i will magically disappear before your eyes!


Thanks for the report, @marcooos!

It looks like it has to do specifically with words including “fi”. We’ll loop in our dev team so they can take a closer look. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Hi marcooos

I looked into a bit more closely. I can confirm the issue with PT Sans. The characters “fi” have in some fonts a specific glyph which is a combination of the two characters.

I tested with Open Sans and there it is correct.
Which font do you want to use?


It seems to happen with all fonts I tried. I initially started with Roboto but I could recreate it with most fonts, I stopped testing after about 5 different fonts and assumed it was all of them.


I want to use all the fonts without buggy i’s please :slight_smile: