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Bug: Link Dropdown list is truncated when full list does not fit on screen


To reproduce:

  1. Create a mockup with a link in it.
  2. Create many blank mockups by clicking on the “+” button many times, say 20 (may need more for large monitors)
  3. Go to the first mockup with the link in it
  4. Attempt to assign a link via the link dropdown menu.
  5. Notice that:
    5.a. Not all mockups are visible in the list, despite the scroll bar
    5.b Options for adding web URL, etc. are not shown at all.




Hi @cliffk3ll

Thanks for the post and for the detailed steps to reproduce this - appreciate the time you took here.

I am following your steps - on both Windows and Mac OS - but I’m unable to see what you are seeing. In my case, all mockups appear and the “Link to Web Address…” and other options also appear:


Which version of Mockups 3 are you using? You can check in “About Balsamiq Mockups” (“Help” menu in Windows or “Balsamiq Mockups 3” on OSX.

The latest version is 3.5.15. If you’re not using that version, would you download ( and install that version and let me know if the issue persists? Either way, get back to us and we’ll get to the bottom of this for you, ok?

All the best,



Hi Alasdair,

Here is the version info from the About dialog:

Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 3.5.15 - 10/16/2017 14:51
Adobe Air Player Version: WIN 27,0,0,129

My computer is a Lenovo Yoga 710.

The image of what I am seeing is pasted below…


Just a thought- I am thinking that the monitor has to be small enough (mine is about 12 inches) then the problem shows up when the number of mockups would require the scrollbar to scroll the list beyond the bottom of the display.

I do notice that when I click on add link, I see all the items in the dropdown list briefly paint the screen before it becomes truncated.


Hello again

I agree - this appears to be screen size related. If you resize the window smaller, does the list appear and scroll correctly?




No, it seems constrained by the bottom of the window…


Here is another data point…

If I attempt to add a link to text everything is fine, but adding a link to a link seems to be the issue. Seems the UI “knows” to have the dropdown list items appear above the Link selection for adding a link to text, but not for adding a link to a link.


Hi Cliff

Thanks - this helps.

If you notice the Inspector panel itself has a scroll bar. If you scroll that panel so that the ‘Links’ property is towards the bottom of the window, then the logic should work out that there’s not enough room to display the pop-out menu and always unfurl it upwards. Here’s a picture which may help to explain better:


It is a minor extra step to have to scroll the panel but I’ve tested this with a few different windows and it should solve the problem. Does this make sense? Try it out and get back to us if there’s still an issue, ok?

All the best,



Hi Alasdair,

Thanks for the suggestion, but that does not work.

Tried two scenarios:

  1. maximized ui does not have a scroll bar for link inspector
  2. un-maximized ui does have a scrollbar that works for inspector, but selection of links for a link element/pop out menu still does not scroll and still drops down, not up.


I think this is only an issue with the inspector/dropdown when setting links for the Link Element. I’ve set links for other Elements with no problem.


Hi @cliffk3ll

Sorry about this back and forth - just trying to fully understand the issue. I think this is specific to controls like ‘Link’ because of the number of properties in the Inspector panel. Please leave this with me and we’ll investigate.