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Bug: Links containing () are not parsed correctly


When creating a link in text where the link contains opening and closing parenthesis, the portions of the link following the closing parenthesis are not treated as part of the link and it fails. Many of the topic links in the Microsoft MSDN site have this issue.

Example 1: Web URL
Example of MSDN Link that fails

The link as it shows up in Mockups 3 looks something like:
“Example of MSDN Link that fails[icon]”.aspx
where the quoted text is actually blue with an underline.

Example 2: Internal Mockup reference
Name a mockup with parenthesis in the name (e.g. “SomeFormName (edit mode)”)
When linking another form to it, the designer frequently “loses” the link or it becomes marked as “broken”.

Please fix this soon. Thank you for such a useful product. -Phil


Oh, Markdown. You are so wonderful, except when folks put parentheses in their URLs…

Then not so wonderful…

I’m sorry about that @pshaffer. I am going to check with the dev team to see if there is anything we can do about this.

In the meantime, if you use the URL-encoded value for open and closed parentheses - %28 for “(” and %29 for “)” - it should work. That means your link would look like this:

Try that and see if it works for you, and I will see if there is something we can do better on our end! :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to report this, Phillip. Let us know if you find any other weirdness.